Environmental friendly liquid malachite green dye for wood coloration

The use of liquid malachite green is used for particleboard dyeing: dissolve 0.4KG of liquid green solution in 1m3 of board glue, and mix evenly. Liquid malachite greencan also be used for medium and high density wood: dilute 2.5kg of liquid green by 5-6 times with clear water, mix evenly and use the solution with 1m3 of board. When spraying the liquid green solution, the spraying amount, time and spraying time are the same, that is to say, the time for spraying 1 cubic meter board glue is the same as the colorant time.


Liquid malachite green is a dyeing agent for wood, particleboard, high-density board and compressed board. It is a new type of environmental friendly dye developed and produced according to the needs of wood-based board factory, which is applied to the dyeing of various wood products such as medium and high-density board, particleboard, etc. The product has good solubility with glue liquid, fast dispersion speed, uniform distribution, bright color and convenient use. Its appearance is a copper color thick liquid, no precipitation at , -20 ° ice free, good fluidity.

The characteristics of liquid green dye are: high temperature resistance of more than 260 ° and durability of the color; good coloring effect; better main color effect than similar products under the same color depth requirement. Application process is more simple and reliable.

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Post time: Mar-07-2020