You need to get basic knowledge of direct yellow 12: nature, application and production process

In short, direct yellow 12 is a kind of direct dyes with olive yellow appearance. Because of its advantages of safety, environmental protection, convenient use and low cost, it has been widely used in many printing and dyeing enterprises, and its remarkable application effect has won the affirmation of the majority of users. In order to further improve the comprehensive utilization rate of direct yellow dye, we summarize some basic knowledge about direct yellow products. .

Direct yellow 12 is brown powder. It is reddish yellow in water, slightly soluble in glycol ether, and brown powder in other organic solvents. It is red light yellow in water, slightly soluble in glycol ether, and insoluble in other organic solvents.


[Chemical properties]:

Direct yellow 12 is brown powder. It is red light yellow in water, slightly soluble in glycol ether and insoluble in other organic solvents. Its aqueous solution is olive yellow with concentrated hydrochloric acid, and golden orange precipitates with concentrated sodium hydroxide. It is dark red in concentrated sulfuric acid, dark yellow after dilution, with brown precipitate. Partially dissolved in concentrated nitric acid, yellowish brown to olive. It is partially dissolved in concentrated hydrochloric acid and appears black. When dyeing, the color of copper ion is green, the color of iron ion is slightly dark red, and the color of zinc ion and ammonia is light yellow, light orange.

[Main purpose]:

Generally speaking, direct yellow 12 can be used for dyeing cotton, viscose fiber and their knitwear to obtain bright red light yellow. Both levelness and migration were poor. After dyeing, it needs to be treated with fixing agent to improve the wet fastness. It is mainly used for dyeing of viscose fiber and silk interwoven fabric. It can also be used for dyeing silk and wool. This product has a strong effect of light embrittlement.

[Production method]:

The product was obtained by condensation reaction of 5-nitro-o-toluenesulfonic acid in sodium hydroxide solution. Due to the different concentration of sodium hydroxide, reaction temperature and reaction time, various yellow dyes or dye mixtures can be obtained.Direct dyes are anionic fabrics with positive cations and negative charges, which can be used for dyeing for wool, silk, nylon and acrylic.

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