Why is basic Rhodamine B so popular for paper dyeing?

Have you ever heard of basic Rhodamine B? How much do you know about it, where it is used and what functions it has? We’ll take you to know more about basic Rhodamine B.

Basic Rhodamine B is a popular dye in the market.Due to its bright color and good solubility, it is widely used for paper pulp dyeing such as tissue paper, toilt paper, craft paper, typing paper, glossy paper etc.


Rhodamine B, also known as CI basic violet 10, is a synthetic dye with bright pink color. It has strong fluorescence in the solution and can be used as cell fluorescent dye, colored glass, special fireworks and firecrackers in the laboratory. It was once used as food additive, but it was proved to be carcinogenic by experiments. Now it is not allowed to be used for food dyeing.

Basic Rhodamine B Quality

As we all know, quality is the key factor to decide product price. It’s the same for basic Rhodamine B, the higher quality rhodamine b, the darker the color is. To get the same paper pink red depth, higher quality used less consumption. So paper mill mostly like higher quality rhodamine b dye.

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Post time: Aug-01-2020