What kind of dyes can be used for leather dyeing?

As a kind of clothing material, leather has many colors. But how do these colors get dyed? Are you also interested in leather dyes?

Leather dyeing mainly uses water-soluble leather dyes. There are several kinds as below.


Acid leather dye

Acid dyeing is carried out in acid bath, and acid is often added in the later stage of dyeing, so as to deepen the color of dyeing or fix the leather dye, so it is called acid leather dye. The common varieties are acid orange 7 and acid black ATT.

Direct leather dye
It refers to leather dyes that can be dyed without mordant when dyeing leather. In leather dyeing, there are many direct leather dyes and complete chromatograms.

Basic leather dye
Basic leather dye, also known as basic leather dye, has a wide range of chromatogram, full color and strong coloring power, but it has poor sun resistance, dry resistance and wet resistance, and is easy to fade. In addition, there are metal complex leather dyes, reactive leather dyes, sulphur leather dyes, etc.

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