What is the reason for the uneven dyeing of basic rhodamine b?

Friends who have known about basic rhodamine b should be very impressed by it. The color of basic rhodamine b is very bright. It is a kind of bright pink product. Because of its strong coloring ability, it has been widely used in many fields. However, when basic rhodamine b is used in papermaking, uneven dyeing will occur. What is the reason ? Let’s take a look at it below.


Basic rhodamine b, also known as rhodamine B and rose essence, is a kind of synthetic dye with bright pink color. It is easy to dissolve in water into rose red solution, bright and beautiful, with fluorescence when diluted. It is mainly used for coloring paper and cosmetics, and also for making lakes and dyeing silk. It is prepared by condensation of m-hydroxydiethylaniline with phthalic anhydride. It has strong fluorescence in the solution and is used as cell fluorescent dye, colored glass, characteristic fireworks and firecrackers and other industries in the laboratory.


But basic rhodamine b can be used in papermaking industry, but when the color is uneven in dyeing, it will affect the quality of the whole paper. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, for example, when we are mixing basic rhodamine b, it will cause uneven dyeing.

The speed and quantity of adding the basic rhodamine b to the dye promoter are different in the seasoning, which will also lead to the appearance of color difference, so we should strictly follow the procedures in the preparation. Do not think that everything will be well after dyeing; if the follow-up work is not done well and the floating color removal is not sufficient, the dyeing will be uneven. Therefore, in order to ensure the color quality of basic rhodamine b we must operate according to the requirements when dyeing.


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