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Direct yellow 12 dye can be directly dissolved in water, has a greater affinity for cellulose, and is one of the dyes recognized by users. Direct yellow 12 is a common direct dyes, which is widely used in various industries with rhodamine b dye. It is also one of the most common products for dye dyeing. Let’s analyze the process indicators of Direct yellow 12 dye dyeing. Here is the analysis of the process indicators of Direct yellow 12 dye.

Direct yellow 12 has a large molecular weight, linear molecular structure, good symmetry, long conjugation system, good coplanarity, high affinity, and is dyed directly in neutral medium. The direct dye is easy to operate and has higher directness to cellulose fiber than other dyes. Reactive dyes have good penetration, halo dyeing effect and good fastness, but there are many processes and high operation requirements.


Process index:
Direct yellow 12 appearance dark yellow uniform powder
Direct yellow 12 insoluble in water parent content ≤ 1%
Direct yellow 12 shade similar to standard
Direct yellow 12 water content ≤ 5%
Direct yellow 12 strength 100%
Direct yellow 12 fineness through 80 mesh

Direct yellow dyes wash the refined fabric in 80-90 ℃ water for three times, then use cold water, close the dyeing temperature, and add the direct freeze yellow G with good performance. Then the dye is dissolved in electrolyte, solid reagent is added, and the finished cold water, hot water, soap, hot water, cold water and drying are used to complete the dyeing process. However, in the process of Direct yellow 12 dyeing, the pH value of dye substance must be controlled at neutral, and the dyeing unevenness is too high, so as not to cause dye hydrolysis.

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