What is features and application of Rhodamine B dye?【25 Years Rhodamine B Dye Manufacturer】

Rhodamine B dye is organic salt bases. When the dye is dissociated in aqueous solution, it is a cationic dye because the pigment group has a positive charge. Rhodamine B dye is characterized by bright color, magnificent fluorescence (mainly rose red, yellow, orange and other colors), and strong coloring power. A small amount of Rhodamine B dye can be used to get a deep and thick color. Color fastness and light fastness are poor, but it has better fastness when used in polyacrylonitrile fiber. Basic dyes do not dye cellulose fibers. In the early 1970s, grafting method was used to dye silk with cationic dyes.


Basic Rhodamine B dye is mainly used for coloring paper and cosmetics, and also for making lakes and dyeing silk. It is used for dyeing batik paper, typewriting paper, glossy paper, etc. in papermaking industry; it can react with phosphotungstopmolybdic acid to form lake. The dyestuffs which can dissociate to form cationic pigment in aqueous solution are classified as cationic dyestuffs. Due to the poor light fastness and washing fastness of Rhodamine B dye after dyeing fiber, it is soldem used dyeing of fabric, mainly used for the coloring of stationery, paper and the production of lake.


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