What is basic Rhodamine B? What’s the application?

Since Cangzhou Xincheng Weiye Chemical Co.,Ltd Service Platform was officially launched, the inquiries of customers has become more and more. Taking basic Rhodamine B as an example, from product definition and use, to processing technology, to purchase and use, all aspects of products have been covered. It can be seen that most customers still do not know much about basic Rhodamine B products. In view of this situation, we have collected and sorted out some questions with high frequency. Now we will give you a detailed answer one by one so that you can have a simple and systematic understanding of basic Rhodamine B products.

Question. 1: What is basic Rhodamine B? What’s the application?

Answer: basic Rhodamine B is a shinning dark green powder prepared by condensation of m-diethylaniline with phthalic acid. Mainly used for paper and cosmetics coloring, as well as color lake, silk dyeing. It can also be used for waxed paper, typewriting paper, glossy paper, etc. in papermaking industry. It can react with phosphotungstic molybdic acid to form colour deposits.


Question. 2: How is basic Rhodamine B processed?

Answer: The main raw materials of the product are M-hydroxy diethylaniline, sodium hydroxide, refined salt, hydrochloric acid, Archaean oil, etc. The excess phthalic anhydride and M-hydroxy Diethylaniline were synthesized and heated slowly to 100 ℃, then the appropriate amount of sodium hydroxide was put into alkali melting. Continuous stirring and gradually raising the temperature to its reaction, while dehydration, cooling and solidification after the end of the reaction, then crushing, cooling with hot ethanol. The product can be obtained by hydrochloric acid crystallization, salting out, filtration and drying.

Question. 3: How to choose inferior to?

Answer: Good quality basic Rhodamine B is generally of good quality and low price, but it is not that the price is very low. If you buy it at a low price, it means that the factory will cut corners when making it. When you use it, you will not reach the expected quality use goal.tHE quality of basic Rhodamine B produced by informal manufacturers is still inferior to that of regular manufacturers. Because small manufacturers do not have good technology, which will naturally let its products use, can not meet good requirements.

Question. 4: How to make rhodamine b dye dissolve quickly?

Answer: In order to get a good dissolution rate of inferior to in the process of use, we can add alcohol mixed with water to it, but we should control the concentration of alcohol slightly more. Through this method, the product can be quickly wetted and dissolved, and it is not easy to form caking. It is better to control the static component in one third of the product, and water can be added after dissolving into slurry.


Question. 5: What are the common dyeing methods of 310 rhodamine b?

Answer: Firstly, the blocking effect of rhodamine b 500 retarder on acid groups of acrylic fibers can be achieved by adding retarder. The saturation degree of acrylic fibers can be achieved, and the leveling effect of dyes with fast colouring and poor migration can also be achieved. Second, by prolonging the heating time to achieve uniform dyeing of acrylic fibers, dyeing temperature should be well controlled. These methods are suitable for bulk fiber dyeing with larger bath and wool-nitrile blended yarn dyeing.

Question. 6: How to clean the residual rhodamine b powder dye?

Answer: If the hands are stained with a large number of basic rhodamine b dyes, you can dip the cloth in water, and then drop detergent, vigorously rub the dye-stained parts of the hands, multiple rubs can be cleaned. Although the effect of rinsing agent is obvious, it is easy to hurt hands. It is suggested that you can choose to use methanol or ethanol to wash, and clean it several times.

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Post time: Jun-27-2019