What is basic rhodamine b used for?

Basic Rhodamine B has a wide range of applications. It can be used to make paints and pigment. It can also be used to dye hemp, wheat straw and leather. Do you know what the physical application of Basic Rhodamine B is? In view of the fact that there is little information about this aspect in the relevant document, today, technician from XCWY Chemical will share some information about Basic Rhodamine B with you.

Basic Rhodamine B, also known as Basic Rhodamine B extra, basic rhodamine pink red (diluted commercial name), basic fluorescent red 8B, Basic Rhodamine B is M-hydroxy Diethylaniline sulfuric acid after condensation of phthalic anhydride, alkali melting and acid dissolving with sulfuric acid, then adding hydrochloric acid to make it crystallize, and then roasting drying the finished product.


The appearance of Basic Rhodamine B is dark green, shinning and small crystalline powder. Soluble in water and alcohol (blue-red solution with strong fluorescence), soluble in fibrinolysin, slightly soluble in acetone. When concentrated sulphuric acid, it is yellow brown, it has strong green fluorescence. When diluted, it turns bright red to blue-light red and orange. When concentrated nitric acid is encountered, it turns golden. The aqueous solution with NaOH was heated to form rose-red villus precipitation and separated by fine green crystallization with hydrochloric acid.

The standard strength of Basic Rhodamine B is 100%, and the impurity content is not more than 1%. When Basic Rhodamine B is used for acrylic dyeing, PH is stable between 2.5 and 5.5, and dyeing is carried out in acetic acid bath. It is used for tannin mordant dyeing of cotton fibers, but its fastness is very poor. This product is mainly used for waxed paper, typewriting paper, glossy paper, etc. in papermaking industry. It reacts with phosphotungstic copper acid to form precipitation, which can be used to make paints and pigment. It can also be used for dyeing linen, wheat straw and leather products.


Paper dye Basic Rhodamine B is green powder, soluble in aqueous rose-red solution. It is a dye with weak alkalinity which is mainly used for paper, silk, cosmetics coloring. Because it is used in cosmetics as a dye, it can directly contact the skin, and generally does not cause harm to the human body.

Basic Rhodamine B is an important dye in basic dyes, and also a dye with a wide range of usage. Now you have a basic understanding of some basic knowledge of Basic Rhodamine B, so in the future you can use it in the proper way combined with your own actual needs.

Post time: Jun-14-2019