What is basic malachite green dye?【25 Years Basic Green 4 Manufacturer】

Basic malachite green CI basic green 4 is a cationic dye because the pigment group has a positive charge. It is characterized by uniform color and strong coloring power. Basic malachite green is widely used as colorations, and it can have deep and rich color if a small amount of dye is used. Its application effect is more prominent than other colorations.

Basic malachite green, as a cationic dye, is a special dye for nitrile fiber. The dyeing method is to use acetic acid and sodium acetate as buffers in a bathtub with weak acidity (pH value is about 4.5). In the presence of dielectric and a certain amount of auxiliaries, it is close to boiling dyeing.


Basic malachite green has appearance of powder and crystals. Soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, blue-green. The dye is yellow in sulfuric acid and turns dark orange after dilution; orange in nitric acid and orange brown after dilution; the addition of sodium in its aqueous solution produces a white precipitate with green light. When dyed at high temperature (120 ℃), the color light does not change. Dyeing fastness on acrylic fiber is Grade 4-5.

Basic malachite green can be used for acrylic blended fabric, as well as for the coloring of stationery, paper and the manufacture of lake.

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