What is basic malachite green?【25 Years basic green 4 Manufacturer】

1.Basic malachite green is also known as peacock green and salt based green, it is widely used in paper printing, as well as dyeing of wool, leather, hemp, silk, cotton fiber, acrylic fiber and other textile materials.

2. Basic malachite green belongs to a kind of cationic dye, which is a green crystal with fluorescence. Its chemical property is very active. It is very soluble in water and ethanol. The solution is blue-green. It is orange in concentrated nitric acid and orange brown after dilution. It is a very important chemical raw material. The dye will not change color under high temperature.

3. The chromatography of Basic malachite green is complete, the solubility is high, the levelness is good, and the first success rate is high. It can meet the requirements of deep color, has strong compatibility and good reproducibility.


Then during Basic malachite green process, how to avoid it pollute the environment?

1. Some active adsorbents can be used to absorb some harmful substances from the basic green 4 production wastewater to reduce the impact of wastewater on the environment.

2. In addition, some polymer chemicals can be used to decompose the harmful substances in the Basic malachite green wastewater, which can effectively reduce the content of harmful substances in the wastewater. This is a common way to deal with it, which is also more economical.

3. In recent years, more and more high molecular coagulants have been used at home and abroad. Chitosan, which is made from shrimp and crab shell, is used to treat dyeing and printing wastewater such as Basic malachite green, with low molecular weight, easy to be biodegraded and lose flocculation activity.

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