The effect of basic malachite green dyeing is closely related to its usage【25 Years basic green 4 Manufacturer】

Basic malachite green is a common industrial dye, which has good dyeing effect and is widely used in clothing dyeing and papermaking industry. We know that in the use of Basic malachite green dyeing, the dye formula ratio and the use environment will have some impact on the dyeing effect. In addition, the change of the Basic malachite green acid-base value of the dyeing method will also have an impact on the coloring effect.

Basic malachite green is a special dye for acrylonitrile fiber. The dyeing method is to use acetic acid and sodium acetate as buffers in the bathtub with weak acidity (pH value is about 4.5). In the presence of dielectrics and appropriate auxiliaries, it is close to boiling dyeing. The dye cations in the dye bath are adsorbed on the fiber surface and diffuse from the fiber surface to the interior. The dye cation and the anion group in the fiber form a salt bond.

Under normal dyeing conditions, the salt formation in the next step is irreversible, which can lead to high fastness and uneven dyeing. The first two steps react fast and the second one diffuses slowly, which determines the whole dyeing speed. Due to the high affinity between dyes and fibers, it is necessary to strictly control the bath temperature, pH value, electrolyte, retarder, etc. Clothing discoloration is one of the problems that perplex people in the process of cleaning. In fact, this is also the problem that Basic malachite green manufacturers such as Malachite green dye and rhodamine b dye are often asked in the process of selling products.

In the actual dyeing process, in order to make the dye fully adhere to the material, the fixation process will be added in the later treatment. In order to ensure the excellent dyeing and weaving effect of basic dyes such as basic malachite, we should first make clear the adverse factors that affect the actual fixation, turn the adverse into favorable, and better serve our life. The factors that affect the actual dyeing effect of basic dyes such as basic malachite are the acid-base value of the solid solution, the external temperature and environmental conditions, and the number of fixatives added.

Therefore, in order to improve the actual dyeing effect of basic dyes, we should adjust and pay attention to these factors. Different sizes have different coloring properties. Lignin has strong affinity for basic green 4 dye and cellulose has strong affinity for direct dyes. Because of the different lignin content of different sizes in the mixed pulp, it is easy to produce color spots. Straw pulp is easier to dye than wood pulp; the pulp with high beating degree and good fiber sweeping can improve the retention rate of pigment, and the paper is compact and transparent, which is conducive to absorption spectrum and deepening color.


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