The chemical performance of basic rhodamine B

As a powder dyestuff, Basic Rhodamine B has high solubility in water and bright color after dissolution. It is suitable for the demand of red dyestuff for paper line. There are many kinds of dyes used in papermaking. Different dyes have different effects. Basic Rhodamine B is widely used in papermaking industry. It can improve the dispersion and uniformity of dyes in paper dyeing, and the brightness and strength of paper can also be effectively improved.

The main advantages of Basic Rhodamine B as fine paper dye colorant are complete chromatogram, bright color, high color intensity, good water solubility, easy to make printing ink, low cost, easy to make high concentration ink, and good ink stability, not easy to block the nozzle. The Basic Rhodamine B has feature of high printing quality, suitable for rapid ink jet printing, there is no ecological and environmental problems. Water-based ink is usually made of water-soluble dyes, moisturizers, driers, viscosity regulators, PH regulators, antifungal agents and pure water. At present, most commercial inks used in inkjet printers belong to this category.

As basic dyes,Rhodamine B powder dye is rose red when dissolved in water and fluorescent when released. It is mainly used for coloring paper and cosmetics. It is also used for making color lakes and dyeing silk. It is prepared by condensation of M-hydroxy Diethylaniline with phthalic anhydride. And it is a crystalline powder material with high solvent for ethylene glycol ether, but slightly soluble in acetone. If we dilute it in sulfuric acid, we will get a series of color changes. First, when it is put in, it will be yellow brown with fluorescent green, diluted to scarlet, and then it will start to turn into blue-light red until it’s orange.

The content above is the performance of Rhodamine B dye. We hope you can understand Rhodamine dye better after reading.


Post time: Jun-28-2019