Sorry ! Cationic blue dyes price increased by 3000RMB/TON, followed by Disperse dyes, reactive dyes!

Due to the rising raw materials in the upstream, environmental pressure and other factors, the cationic blue dyes in Cangzhou Xincheng Weiye Co., Ltd. (XCWY Chemical)have increased by 3000RMB/TON since this month. 

Varieties involved:

» Cationic yellow X-GL 250%
» Cationic Red X-GRL 250%
» Cationic Blue X-BL 250%

In the last two years, the whole market of dyestuff and printing and dyeing industry is not good because of the pressure of environmental protection, the market situation. The intermittent production of factories has become normal, and many factories have even closed directly. In fact, from the point of view of cost pressure, cationic blue dyes should have increased their prices for a long time. But in the past year, we have basically guaranteed that most of the varieties will not increase their prices to help relieve the pressure of our downstream dyeing and printing factories. We do not want them to face the pressure of environmental protection and market demand, but also the pressure of price increase on our side. But the cost of our cationic dyes are also rising, and the quotations of all our raw material suppliers are different every month or even every day of the week. So this time we can’t help it. We have to adjust the price. But we try our best to adjust the price only for some varieties and still maintain the relative stability of most products.

The market of cationic dyes is relatively stable, only with little fluctuation in one year.

On March 23, 2015, our cationic dyestuff series was raised by 5000 rmb/ton, while that of Runtu all cationic dyestuff series was increased by 5000 rmb/ton.

On March 26, 2016, the price of XCWY Chemical cationic dye series products was raised by 3000 rmb/ton.

On August 7, 2017, our cationic dyestuff series products was raised by 3000 rmb/ton.

Cationic dyes have remained relatively stable in one year, and the price increase in 2017 is relatively late compared with the previous two years.
Now in 2019, with the pressure of increasing raw material cost, XCWY Chemical has to increase the cationic dyes price.

Types of popular cationic dyes:

X-type ordinary cationic dyes

XL-type liquid cationic dyes

SD-type (disperse) cationic dyes

D-Cationic Dyes

M-type (migrating) cationic dyes

Post time: Jun-19-2019