Please pay attention if you recently import! Multinational port or congestion, delay, surcharge increase!

Recently, Roger storey, general manager of CF sharp crew management, a Philippine seafarer dispatch company, revealed that more than 40 ships sail to Manila port in the Philippines every day for the crew to change shifts, which has led to serious congestion in the port.

However it’s not just Manila. There are also ports that are congested. At present, the more congested ports are as follows:

1. Los Angeles port congestion: truck drivers or strikes
2. Los Angeles small SHIPPER: surcharge raised to $5000
3. Hurricane over: Houston dock reopened
4. Manila port congestion: more than 40 ships a day
5. Congestion in Lagos port: ships waiting for 50 days
6. Algeria: Port Congestion Surcharge change
7.Sailors virus confirmed: once ship to Qingdao, Shanghai and Ningbo

The epidemic situation in foreign countries is still spreading, and port congestion in various countries is serious.

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Post time: Sep-08-2020