Pay attention to the taboo of using Rhodamine B to avoid affecting product performance

Basic Rhodamine B is a common industrial dyestuff, which has a wide range of applications. However, it can not be used as food additive because its components contain toxic substances. As a daily dyeing agent, Rhodamine B has the “taboo” for the use of the environment. In order to avoid dyeing quality not up to standard, so Rhodamine B should not be used at high temperature. Today’s article will introduce the relevant specific content for you.

Basic Rhodamine B extra can be used for waxed paper, typewriting paper, glossy paper, etc. in papermaking industry. It can react with phosphotungstic copper acid to form precipitation for making paints and painting pigments. It can also be used for dyeing linen, wheat straw and leather products.


Basic Rhodamine B is also called Rhodamine for short. Soluble in aqueous rose-red solution, bright and beautiful, fluorescent when diluted, it is mainly used for paper and cosmetics coloring, also used for color lake and silk dyeing.

Paper dye Basic Rhodamine B is a shinning dark green fluffy powder, and it is a dye, weak alkalinity is mainly used for paper, silk, cosmetics coloring. Because it is used in cosmetics as a dye, it can directly contact the skin, and generally does not cause harm to the human body.

Basic Rhodamine B is an important dye in basic dyes, and also a dye with a wide range of uses. Now you have a basic understanding of it, so in the future users should be combined with their actual needs to choose the appropriate to use.

Basic Rhodamine B has bright and beautiful color, so it has been unanimously praised by everyone because of its beautiful color. We should pay attention to the quality when selecting 310 Rhodamine CAS 81-88-9 so as to avoid the use performance of Rhodamine B being affected by its poor quality.

Most of the dyes are easy to fade when they are used at high temperature, thus affecting the normal dyeing quality. Some people are worried that the use of Rhodamine B dye at high temperature will also occur. Because the Rhodamine B dye has large molecule and polarity, it is not easy to sublimate at high temperature. It is a dyestuff with reliable dyeing effect. We can use it to dye material without worries.

The use of Rhodamine B dye is introduced here today. XCWY Chemical hope the above can help you. For more information about basic dyes, please continue to pay attention to our website in order to get more excellent information in time in the future. Thank you for your support.

Post time: Jun-18-2019