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Rhodamine B dye is also a popular dye in the paper industry. The stability of this dye is very good. It can be used in the paper industry to show the stretch of the color on the paper. The color distribution is uniform and the color is bright. It can improve the quality and smoothness of the paper to a certain extent.

Rhodamine B dye is a common paper product dye. This material has a very good suspension, which is conducive to improving the dispersion and uniformity of dyes in paper products. It can also improve the smoothness of paper products to a certain extent, and can also effectively improve the strength of paper products.\

Rhodamine B dye is a kind of green powder dye, which is easy to dissolve in water, and has good suspension and bright color. It is suitable for the demand of red dye of paper thread. Many kinds of dyestuffs are used in paper making. Different dyestuffs have different effects. Rhodamine B dye is widely used in paper making industry. It can improve the dispersion and uniformity of dyestuffs in paper dyeing, and the smoothness and strength of paper can also be effectively improved.

The main advantages of Rhodamine B dye paper dye colorant are complete chromatogram, bright color, high color intensity and good water solubility. Printing ink is easy to make, low cost, easy to make high concentration ink, good ink stability, not easy to block the nozzle, high printing quality, suitable for rapid ink-jet printing, no ecological and environmental problems.

Generally, water-soluble dyes, humectants, driers, viscosity regulators, pH regulators, mildew inhibitors and purified water are used to prepare water-based inks. At present, most of the commercial inks used in inkjet printing machine belong to this category.

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