Main uses and precautions of auramine O

Basic auramine O is a yellow industrial basic dyes, also known as base light yellow o or base Sophora yellow. It is difficult to dissolve in cold water, but it is easy to dissolve in hot water or ethanol. After dilution, it is light yellow, bright color and low fastness to sunlight. Lake can be used to make wallpaper, colored paper, ink, paint and dyeing cloth, etc.

1. The main uses of auramine O

It can be used for dyeing in hemp, paper, leather, rayon and other industries, as well as in wallpaper, color paper, ink and paint industries. It can make a variety of colors such as green or red. Therefore, cotton fabric dyeing can also be used.

2.Notes on the use of basic auramine O

Fire prevention and explosion-proof measures shall be taken in the use place. In case of fire, water can be sprayed out, or dry powder or other fire extinguishers can be used. Wear clothes and gloves, wear protective glasses, and do not eat or smoke while working.

After the hands are pasted with auramine O powder, they can be washed with bleach or methanol, and they can be cleaned after several times of washing.

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