Incense Stick/Joss Stick Dyes, Rhodamine B

Recently our company received many inquiries for incense stick/joss stick dyeing from Indonesia and Malaysia, especially for the pink red color. 

Our factory produced for incense dyes for 26 years, here we introduce pink color Rhodamine B dye for you.

Rhodamine b, also known as basic rhodamine b extra, C.I.Basic violet 10 (45170)

Basic rhodamine b is made of m-hydroxydiethylaniline and sulfuric acid, then condensed by phthalic anhydride, dissolved by sulfuric acid after alkali fusion, then crystallized by hydrochloric acid, and then dried.

The appearance of rhodamine b is bright green, shiny and small crystalline powder. Soluble in water and alcohol (blue light red solution with strong fluorescence), soluble in fibrinolysin, slightly soluble in acetone. In case of concentrated sulfuric acid, it is yellow light brown with strong green fluorescence. After dilution, it is red to blue light red and orange; in case of concentrated nitric acid, it is golden yellow. The aqueous solution was heated with sodium hydroxide solution to form rose red fluffy precipitate, and the hydrochloric acid had fine green crystal separation.

The standard strength of basic rhodamine b is 100%, and the impurity content is not more than 1%. When rhodamine b is used in the dyeing of acrylic fiber, the color and light are stable when pH is 2.5 ~ 5.5, and the dyeing is carried out in the acetic acid bath, which is used in the dyeing of cotton fiber with tannin mordant, but the fastness is very poor. This product is mainly used for waxed paper, typewriting paper, glossy paper, etc. in papermaking industry; it can react with tungstophosphoric acid to produce precipitation, which can be used for making paint and painting pigment; it can also be used for dyeing hemp, wheat straw and leather products.


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Post time: Jun-19-2020