How to know basic malachite green quality?

The direct way to identify basic malachite green quality is price and observe the color effect of the dyeing. If the basic malachite green quality you bought does not meet the standard, it may be easy to fade or not easy to color. This is mainly because the color of the dyes themselves is not pure or contains other impurities. On the other hand, for the production of basic malachite green, because some of the materials used by the manufacturer are inferior, naturally it will not meet the good requirements of its products, so for its materials, on the one hand, it will reduce the performance of its products, and on the other hand, it will effect environmentally friendly. Of course, for the use of this product, users are to make it good durability, because some products can be used, but after a period of time, it began to fade.

For basic malachite green quality, it can be seen from many aspects. If during dyeing process, the color is very light. You need to add more dosage to make the color darker. There is no doubt that the malachite green quality is very low. Honestly, as the manufacturer of basic dyes, we usually recommend end users to use high quality. The higher the quality is, the less dosage it will be. The total production will be less.

For example, if usually you use one kg to dyeing one ton paper pulp. If you use higher quality, it may only use 0.3kg for one ton paper pulp.

Xincheng Weiye Chemical company basic dyes include Rhodamine B, Malachite green, Methyl violet, Auramine O, Basic blue 7, basic blue 11.

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