How does cationic dyes work? What can cationic dyes include?

Cationic dyes are special dye for acrylic fiber dyeing. The dyeing method is to use acetic acid and sodium acetate as buffers in bathtub with weak acidity (pH value is about 4.5). In the presence of dielectrics and appropriate auxiliaries, it is close to boiling dyeing. The dyeing mechanism can be divided into three steps:

(1) The dye cations in the dye bath are adsorbed on the fiber surface.
(2) The dye cation diffuses from the fiber surface to the interior.
(3) The dye cation and the anion group in the fiber form a salt bond.

Under normal dyeing conditions, the salt formation in the last step is irreversible, which can lead to high fastness and uneven dyeing. The first two steps react fast and the second one diffuses slowly, which determines the whole dyeing speed. Due to the high affinity between dyes and fibers, it is necessary to strictly control the bath temperature, pH value, electrolyte, retarder, etc.

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