How about the dyeing effect of basic rhodamine b? Where to buy rhodamine b?

Because of the good dyeing effect and fast dyeing speed of Basic Rhodamine B , many friends will try their best to inquire about this dye in their life and work. Users find that Basic Rhodamine B is not only one color, but also can use chromatogram to change the color in the dyeing process, which has a wide range of applications. In order to let you know more about the dyeing characteristics of Basic Rhodamine B, XCWY Chemical summed up this article for your reference.

Does Basic Rhodamine B mean that the dye itself is acidic? Actually, it is not. This is because dyes need to be dyed in acidic environment. So, what’s the difference in composition between this dye and other dyes? In fact, sodium sulfonate can be said to be the main component of this dye. Its advantage is that it can dissolve rapidly in water, and the color of the dye is very bright.

It’s not that Basic Rhodamine B has only one color. Industrial enterprises can use a variety of chromatograms to process this dye, that is to say, we can see a variety of colors in the clothes market, many of which are processed from this dye. In fact, any dye has its own suitable dyeing materials, such as this dye is mainly used in wool or silk dyeing.

In addition, it can also be used on leather. In addition, the ink often used in the past is also refined with 310 Rhodamine B. However, this dye is not suitable for dyeing cellulose fibers. If this dye is used to dye cellulose fibers, it can be found that there is basically no dyeing. In fact, direct dyes are the main dyeing materials for cellulose fibers in industry, which also shows the different roles of dyes in industrial enterprises.

But what is the reason why Basic Rhodamine B can’t be dyed on cellulose fibers at all? This is because its chemical structure is very simple and there are no common double bonds that are helpful for cellulose coloration. Of course, companies now produce this dye will have different ratio, which leads to Basic Rhodamine B itself has a variety of varieties.

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Post time: Jun-25-2019