High quality Acid orange II paper dyes strong coloring power!

Acid orange dye CI name Acid orange 7, also named acid orange II. 

Acid orange 7 has futures of strong coloring power, high fastness to light, bright color, fast coloring, good transparency and good dyeing.
Due to its advantages, it’s widely used for paper mill.


Acid orange dyes Properties: Orange powder, 1g dissolved in 20ml water, the water solution is red and yellow color, soluble in ethanol shows orange; add HCl to water solution to produce brown yellow color precipitation, add NaOH to show dark brown, add sulfuric acid to turn red. When diluted, we can get orange color precipitation.

Acid orange dyes Usage: mainly used in wool, leather, silk, nylon, paper dyeing. At the same time, it is also a kind of indicator, which is often used for the staining of tissue sections in medicine. In food industry, acid orange II is a kind of non edible pigment, which is forbidden to be added in food.

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