Factory sale Solvent blue 36 transparent blue AP oil soluble blue 36 high temperature pigment

Product introduction:

1. C.I. index number: solvent blue 36 (Transparent blue AP)
2.Structure: Anthraquinone series
3.Overseas corresponding brands: Somalia blue FB (BASF), waxoline blue ap-fw (i.c.i.), sumiplast blue OA (NSK)
4. Characteristics with brilliant blue powder, coloring on plastic, bright and bright color.
5.Application: solvent blue dyes are mainly used for coloring of polystyrene, polycarbonate, ABS, plexiglass, rigid PVC and other plastics and acetate fiber. It can also be used for coloring polyester fiber stock, grease, petroleum products, fuel oil, varnish, thermoplastic resin colorant.

6. Physical properties, light fastness and reference dosage:
Density (g / cm3): 0.31
Melting point (℃): 167
Light fastness (in PS): 6-7
Reference dosage:
Transparent: 0.025
Opacity: 0.05

7.The heat resistance of PS can reach 260 ℃.

Coloring depth: 0.05% dye + 0.1% titanium dioxide R type

Other solvent dyestuff: Solvent red 49, solvent red 135, solvent blue 35, solvent blue 70, solvent yellow 114, solvent green 5, solvent black 27

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