Factory produce direct solvent yellow 114 /transparent yellow 2G transparent yellow 114 /oil soluble yellow 114

Product name: Solvent yellow dye 114, transparent yellow 2G

Index number solvent yellow 114
CAS: 75216-45-4 color
Shade: Orange yellow
Molecular formula: C18H11NO3
Molecular weight: 289.29
Appearance: orange powder
Strength: 100 ± 3%
Temperature resistance: 300 ℃
Moisture: ≤ 1%
Density: 1.435g/cm2
PH value: 6.5-7.5
Boiling point 502 ° C
Flash point 195.3 ° C
Shelf life: 24 (months) specification: 25kg / cardboard barrel


Solvent yellow 114 and transparent yellow 2G are yellow oil soluble dyes with green shade. They have excellent heat resistance, light resistance, high coloring power and bright color. This dye will not seep into other media. It is very suitable for daily necessities, food packaging and children’s color plastic toys.

Application: oil, paint, ink, plastic dyeing, smoke dyes, used for all kinds of plastics, resins, waxes, inks, etc., for polyester fiber dyeing, suitable for high temperature and high pressure dyeing, room temperature dyeing and high temperature carrier dyeing or printing, with good levelness.

Solvent Yellow Dyes Characteristic:
1. High thermal stability;
2. Good light fastness and weather fastness;
3. Bright color and high coloring intensity;
4. High brightness.

Our factory also produce solvent red dyes, solvent green dyes, solvent blue dyes, solvent violet dyes and solvent black dyes.

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