Dyeing environment and characteristics of acid scarlet 3R

We have learned that acid scarlet 3R is usually stored in a dry and airtight place. First of all, the synthesis of acid scarlet 3R is mainly by condensation reaction of m-hydroxydiethylaniline and m-disulfonate benzaldehyde, through oxidation, filtration, drying and grinding. Then, acid red 3R can be mainly used for dyeing wool fabrics, silk, nylon or silk, nylon blended fabrics, leather and cosmetics.


Different types of acid dyes have different properties. Firstly, strong acid dye is an early developed acid dye. It needs to be dyed in a strong acid dye bath. Its molecular structure is simple and its molecular weight is low.

Acid scarlet 3R and other strong acid dyes are all working in a certain dyeing environment, and according to the different types of dyes, there will be differences in the dyeing environment, and show different dyeing effects. The difference of dyeing produced by different dyes is closely related to their molecular structure. The strong acid dye such as acid scarlet 3R has the characteristics of simple structure and low molecular weight, which determines that it can be normally carried out in the acid dye solution in the actual dyeing process.

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Post time: May-21-2020