CI Direct Yellow 12 Price increased? Do you know latest price of Chrysophenine G?

CI Direct yellow 12 is a kind of common industrial dye. It is a uniform dark yellow powder with good dyeability and easy to dissolve in water.

It is widely used in the dyeing of cotton, hemp, viscose, rayon and other cellulose fiber fabrics, silk, nylon and other fabrics and their blends. It can also be used in the dyeing of leather, paper pulp, biology, as well as the manufacturing of lakes and pigments.

Due to its wide application, so its market demand is big. The price changes of direct yellow 12 is main concerns. 

With winter coming in China, the chemicals production is limited including the direct yellow dyes raw material, thus lead the direct yellow g shortage and price increase.

In China, there is heavy smog in winter, so government is controlling the pollution. Not only chemicals, all processing factory involved in pollution will be limit production or stop.

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Post time: Oct-17-2019