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In the field of chemical industry, basic green 4 dye is a kind of chemical dye widely used. Its main function is to dye acrylic fiber, silk, wool and diacetate fiber. Of course, it also plays a very important role in the dyeing of leather and hemp, and in the dyeing process of bamboo, wood, paper and mosquito coils. 

As the best manufacturer/supplier of basic green 4 dye in China, Cangzhou Xincheng Weiye would like to list some information to help clients know more about basic green 4.

Question. 1: How to choose basic green 4 dye?
Basic green 4 also named basic malachite green, which is a kind of basic dyes. The appearance has powder, crystal and liquid. The higher the quality is, the darker the color is.To get same color, the higher quality consumption is less. But if only from appearance, you can’t know the quality is high or low. When you choose supplier, firstly need to see whether it’s real factory or not. Because many trading companies have too many quality standard, even they standard different for clients from different countries. But as factory, quality standard is always same.

Question. 2: what are the dyeing steps of basic green 4 dye?

1. Make liquid color paste. Basic green 4 is easy to dissolve in hot water but hard to dissolve in cold water. At the same time, cold water will easily lead to changes in the chemical structure of the dye. Therefore, in the process of preparing the color paste, we need to use warm water to adjust, add a proper amount of sodium carbonate solution, and then heat it while stirring it constantly until the dye is basically dissolved for standby.

2. Adjust the dyeing temperature. For malachite green dye, to improve its dyeing efficiency, the temperature generally needs to be controlled between 80 ° C and 90 ° C. for example, if a dye with high dyeing speed and good levelness is used, even at a lower temperature, it has a higher dye uptake. The dyes with high temperature and low dye uptake also have poor washing fastness, which is only suitable for light color, and the temperature should be controlled between 85-90 ℃.

3. Add Auxiliaries. Adding auxiliary dye can improve the dyeing speed of the dye, and also can effectively avoid the problem of color fading. We can add a proper amount of salt or sodium chloride in the dyeing bath to promote and level the dyeing.

We are specialized in producing basic dyes for over 25 years in China, including Rhodamine B dye, sulphur black, basic green 4 and methyl violet crystal. Welcome contact with us for latest price and samples.


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