Best dyes for coloration of wool yarn in orange, black, red, blue

Wool is an important raw material in textile industry. It has many advantages, such as good elasticity, strong hygroscopicity and good warmth retention.

Wool fiber is soft and elastic, and can be used to make wool, carpet and other textiles.

Wool products have the characteristics of plump handle, good warmth retention and comfortable wear.


In the market, we can see various colors of wool products such as black, yellow, orange, blue, pink red.

Do you know what kind of dyes is suitable for wool coloration?

Here we’d like to share wool dyes information for wool yarn dyeing.

For example, if you need to dye black wool, you can use acid black ATT, for orange, you can use acid orange II.

Except acid dyes, our factory can provide basic rhodamine b, acid green 25, direct blue 86, acid light yellow for your selection.

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Post time: Aug-09-2019