Amazing Application and Properties of Basic Malachite Green

All kinds of dyes add colorful colors to our life. With the development of science and technology, basic malachite green is a kind of cationic dye, which can be combined with acid to form salt. Because of its particularity, it is mainly used for paper coloring, stationery and making lake.

With the development of industrial economy, basic malachite green is widely used in textile, leather, paper, rubber, plastics and other industrial fields. Basic malachite green, also known as basic green 4, is a kind of dye. Its molecular formula is C23H25N2, molecular weight is 329.46, green with shinning crystal, soluble in water and ethanol. Dyed at high temperature (120 ℃), shade is stable. The dyeing fastness of acrylic fiber is Grade 4-5.

Most of the chromogenic groups of basic dyes are organic bases, and a few of the salts formed with inorganic acids are other salts. When the dye is dissociated in aqueous solution, it is a cationic dyes because the pigment group has a positive charge. It is characterized by bright color, magnificent fluorescence and strong coloring power, with a small amount of dyes can have a dark and thick color.

The above is the introduction of the properties and main uses of basic malachite green. As a colorant, it has been used in the processing and coloring of many products in the manufacturing industry, with high use value.

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