Wood Color Dyes

Product Name: Wood Color Dyes


» Colors: As per your requirement

» Application: MDF wood, wood stain, furniture coloration

» Packing: 25kg per bag/carton/drum

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Wood color dyes are playing a very important role in wood making industry, from finishing for making stains, to toners that is applied for blending in different species of wood.

Wood Stains & Treatments are used on wood for preservation, sound-proofing, and fire resistance.

Our wood color dyes are compatible with all stain, coating, and CCA(Chromated Copper Arsenate) preservative formulations to meet building standards and codes.

The wood color dyes produced by our factory has advantages of bright colors, good weather resistance, strong permeability and good fastness.
What’s more, we can provide service to help customer which is prepare recipe according to their samples


Firstly, put 4% of the dye and water mixed into an aqueous solution, and then boiled water solution for 5 minutes,

Secondly, add ordinary sodium chloride (salt). Chlorination of sodium can make the dye even better color distribution in the solution, penetrate into all parts of the wood.

Thirdly, if 100 kg of wood need to add 2 kg of salt. Into the aqueous solution as a penetration use. You can also properly add a small amount of wood penetration in solution.

Fourthly, the length of the time of wood baking according to wood material and density. In general, the water temperature should be maintained at 40 to 60 ℃, adding wood chips or wood. Then slowly increase the water temperature until 60 ~ 100 ℃. So that the wood will not be caused by sudden heating cracking based on it should be gradually heated.

If you are looking for wood dyes, MDF dyes, welcome to send us inquiry, we are professional factory of wood dyes and believe we can give you more workable suggestions.


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