Violet Mosquito Coil Dye

Product Name: Violet Color Mosquito Coil Dye


» Color: Violet

» Consumption: As per customer’s specific request

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With the principle of “Client First, Quality First” since our establishment, XCWY Chemical is aimed at manufacturing high quality Violet Mosquito Coil Dye for more mosquito coils plants.

So far, we have have mature process and experience for pink/black/yellow/green/ violet color mosquito coil dye. 


XCWY Chemical Mosquito Coil Dye Advantages

» Real manufacturer in Cangzhou city, China

» Competitive prices: No middle-link, we can give more profit to our clients

» Wide colors for your choice

» More professional suggestions as per your demand for mosquito coil dyes

XCWY Dyes Packing Detail: 25kg net weight in iron drum, fiber drum, carton box, bags or customized made as per your request.


The Method of Selecting and Purchasing Violet Mosquito Coil Dye is as follows:

Particular attention should be paid to the composition, solubility, color fastness and dye-uptake of violet dyes when purchasing for color matching. Because the dyeing function of all kinds of basic dyes is different, the dyeing effect is often affected by temperature, solubility, dye-uptake and other factors. Therefore, it is necessary to select the basic violet dyes which meets the function mentioned before, which will greatly contribute to the stability of dyeing quality.

We should not only consider from the perspective of color matching, but more importantly, we should consider the cost and supply of basic violet and the additives used. If the price of auxiliaries is high, we should try to consider other dyes with the same effect as possible to replace them, so as to reduce the production cost.


Contact person: Miss Jessie Geng

Mobilephone/Whatsapp: +86-13503270825

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