Sulphur Black BR 200%

Product Name: Sulphur Black BR 200%


» C.I. Name: Sulphur black 1

» CAS No.: 1326-82-5

»  Packing: 25kg per bag/carton/drum

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XCWY company is focusing on manufacturing a variety of sulphur black dyes with CAS No.1326-82-5 in China. 

As per customer’s requirement, we can supply sulphur black br 100%-240%, especially our sulphur black br 200% is specially used for denim or jean  fabric coloration. 

If your application is denim or jean fabric dyeing, we strong recommend sulphur black br 200%, which is the most cost effective.

You can get the best dyeing effect with the minimum our denim sulphur black dyes cost.


Sulphur Black BR 200% Specification

» Appearance: Shinning black uniform grains

» Strength: 200%

» Fastness: Consistent with standard

» Moisture: <7%

» Solubility (25 C): > 160g/l

» Usage: Mainly used for dyeing cotton products, leather and paper.

» Packing: 25/50 kg per drum/bag/carton box

How to use sulphur black br to dye well?

1. Sulphur black br is insoluble in water, so the sulfur dyes themselves do not have dyeing ability for cotton. However, it has good dyeing performance for cotton when the dye is reduced to leuco in alkali sulfide solution. The dyeing of sulfur dyes is carried out in alkali sulfide solution.

2. Operation of sulfur dyes solution: dissolve the prepared alkali sulfide into 80 ℃ water for 5-10 minutes, and then dissolve it in boiling water for 20 minutes. Soda soda of 1% sulphur black quantity was added.

3. The function and dosage of each additive:

Sodium sulfide (Na2S):It is solvent for dissolving sulfur dyes. Its function is to reduce sulfur black to a leuco of dyes and to have dyeing ability for cotton. It can reduce and dissolve sulfur black.

Dosage: The ratio of alkali sulfide to sulphur black is 1-1.5:1

Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3): Sodium carbonate plays a role in improving the reduction stability of solution in sulphur black dyeing solution and preventing premature oxidation of dyes. It is also an alkaline agent for degreasing.

Sodium sulfide powder (Na2SO4): The dyeing rate of sulfur dyes is low. Adding sodium sulfate powder in dyeing solution is helpful to improve the dyeing rate, so sodium sulfate powder plays a role in promoting dyeing.

Degreaser: Remove grease from cloth and improve the permeability of germ cloth, improve dyeing rate and levelness.

Wrinkle-proof agent: to prevent creases and creases on the fabric surface.

Urea: It can prevent brittleness.

Soft Oil: It softens the cloth and makes it feel soft and comfortable.


Contact person: Miss Jessie Geng

Mobilephone/Whatsapp: +86-13503270825

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