Red acrylic dye CI 46

Product Name: Red acrylic dye CI 46


» C.I. Name: Basic red 46

» Strength: 250%

» Application: Acrylic fiber dyes



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Xincheng Weiye Chemical has been producing red acrylic dye CI 46 since 1995, with dark red appearance, bright color and stable tone.

It is mainly used for dyeing acrylic fibers. It can dye acrylic bulk fibers, fiber strips and acrylic yarns.

It can also be used for dyeing modified polyester, acrylic and viscose-acrylic blended fabrics..


Red acrylic dye CI 46 Specification

» Product Name: C.I. Basic Red 46; Basic red 46; Basic Red GRL

» Type: Cationic dyes

» Usage: Acrylic fabric dyestuff, Paint dyestuff, Ink dyestuff

Red acrylic dye CI 46 Physical Properties

Basic Information

Product Name

Cationic Red X-GRL

Colour Index 

C.I. Basic Red 46



Similar With Standard
               Strength 250%


Dark Red Uniform Powder
               CAS 12221-69-1


Very soluble in water and alcohol

We are very strong for the cationic dyes as below:

No. Product Name CI No. Strength
01. Cationic Golden Yellow X-GL Basic Yellow 28 250%
02. Cationic Red X-GRL Basic Red 46 250%
03. Basic Red 3R Basic Violet 16 300%
04. Cationic Turquoise Blue X-GB Basic Blue 3 250%
05. Cationic Blue X-GRL Basic Blue 41 300%
06. Cationic Blue X-GRRL Basic Blue 41.1 250%
07. Cationic Black X-O Basic Black X-O 300%



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