Pink Egg Tray Dye

Product Name: Pink Egg Tray Dye


» Color: Pink red

» Consumption: As per customer’s specific request

» Contact us for more suggestions about dosage.

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With the development of the market, there are more and more kinds of eggs, and the packing changed into precision packaging from rough packing. Then various kinds of egg trays are needed. There are many names for egg packing, such as egg boxes, egg trays, egg cartons, etc.

Mainly egg tray has paper pulp egg tray and plastic egg tray. Here we’d like to give a brief introduction to the paper pulp egg tray packing. 

Firstly we need to use beater to make old newspaper, carton or Kraft paper into paper pulp, then put chemical egg tray dyes to make it into different colors. Finally use molding machine to molded egg trays and then dry.

So far our factory dyes have been proved well in the following colors:

» Pink Egg Tray Dye

» Yellow Egg Tray Dye

» Green Egg Tray Dye

» Blue Egg Tray Dye

»Violet Egg Tray Dye


XCWY Pink Egg Tray Dye Characteristic

» Bright color

» Small consumption

» Good light fastness

» Easy operation

» Good solubility 

XCWY Dyes Packing Detail: 25kg net weight in iron drum, fiber drum, carton box, bags or customized made as per your requirement.


For the end user, except whether the color is the popular one for the local market, the most important is their production cost. 

Actually, you can get the best dyeing effect with the minimum dye cost through adjusting the consumption during operation. 

We would like to share the experience and help you to dye the egg trays in the most cost effective way.

Welcome to contact with us–the Rhodamine B leading manufacturer in China.


Contact person: Miss Jessie Geng

Mobilephone/Whatsapp: +86-13503270825

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