Pink Mosquito Coil Dye

Product Name: Pink Color Mosquito Coil Dye


» Color: Pink

» Consumption: As per customer’s specific request

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Pink Mosquito Coil Dye can be soluble in water and alcohol very easily.

After applying to mosquito coils dyeing, the color is very bright and beautiful. What’s more, this dye has good performance of heat resistance, so the burning will not make the mosquito coil lose color.


XCWY Chemical Mosquito Coil Dye Advantages

» Direct factory with more than 20 years experience

» Reasonable prices

» More colors for your selection

» Timely delivery date

XCWY Dyes Packing Detail: 25kg net weight in iron drum, fiber drum, carton box, bags or customized made as per your request.

High Temperature Effects on Pink Mosquito Coil Dye

1. Most dyes will have physiological changes under the action of high temperature, leading to the fading of the dyed products, which will affect the normal use of the products. Pink color mosquito dye is a special dye, which will not fade under high temperature. The products dyed with this dye has a long service life, but we suggests not exposed to the sun for a long time.

2. The pink color mosquito coil dye has a certain fastness, we add certain substances in the producing process. It will not have sublimation phenomenon at high temperature, thus the fading phenomenon will not occur.


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