Will the Indian epidemic affect the price of dyestuff? A dyestuff and intermediate producing country next to China!

The Covid-2019 in the world and the United States is becoming more and more serious. As of the 12th local time, the United States has entered a state of major disaster for the first time in its history. The situation in India is also worrying. It is reported that there have been more than 20 cases of infected people in talawi slum in Mumbai, India. There are at least 1 million people living in this area of less than 2 square kilometers.


India is the second largest producer of dyes and intermediates after China. Although it accounts for a small proportion of the world’s output, the price of normal demand has also changed. India mainly produces reactive dyes and acid dyes. There are also large H-acid manufacturers in India. Pay more attention to the price of H acid and reactive dyes. It is possible to rebound after the outbreak.

To prevent the coronavirus from spreading, the government of India announced that a new round of “lockdown” measures would be implemented from May 4th to 17th.

With the India continuous lockdown and dyestuff in market stock running out, more and more clients in the world will switch to China for purchasing. We predict some dyes price have rising trend.

If your India supplier is not able to offer dyes currently and you need a new supplier, welcome contact with our factory.


Our main products series:

Basic Dyes: Rhodamine b dye, malachite green, methyl violet, basic magenta, basic blue 7
Sulphur Black dyes: Solid and Liquid
Acid Dyes: Metani yellow, acid orange, acid scarlet, acid ink blue, acid black 2
Direct Dyes:Direct yellow 11/12, direct red 23/28/31, direct black 22/38
Solvent Dyes: Solvent blue 35/70, solvent red 24/49/135/128


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Post time: May-11-2020