Which fields can use Rhodamine B dye ?【25 Years Rhodamine B Manufacturer】

Rhodamine B dye is a shinning green powder industrial dye, also known as rhodamine B, basic violet 10 etc. It is easy to dissolve in hot water or ethanol. After dilution, it is light red purple with bright color and low light fastness. Lake can be used to make wallpaper, color paper, ink, paint and dyeing cloth, etc. Inhalation or ingestion of Rhodamine B dye will cause poisoning, so protection should be done during use.


Rhodamine B dye can be used for dyeing in hemp, paper, leather, rayon and other industries, as well as in wallpaper, color paper, ink and paint industries. It can make a variety of colors such as green or red. Therefore, cotton fabric dyeing can also be used. It can also be made into lake and ink.

Rhodamine B dye is mainly used as a dye in industry. It can be used for dyeing hemp, paper, leather, straw woven goods, rayon and other items. It has strong adsorption and is not easy to fade. Basic Rhodamine B dye contains substances harmful to human body, which can not be used as food additives. However, in order to improve the appearance of food, some illegal vendors often use it to dye food. The use of food looks more colorful, and damages the interests of consumers. Rhodamine B dye will cause irritation to skin and mucous membrane. If it is exposed to or inhaled too much, it will lead to poisoning. The toxins in the body are difficult to remove, which will seriously harm human health. Therefore, according to relevant regulations, it can not be used as an additive in the food industry.

Due to the carcinogenicity of these basic dyes, it is required to standardize the operation in the dyeing process of papermaking, leather, straw weaving, rayon, cotton and other industries. In addition, workers who produce Rhodamine B dye should pay attention to personal protection and have regular health examination. Do not eat food or smoke at work. After the Rhodamine B dye is stuck on the hand, it can be washed with bleach or methanol, and the hand can be cleaned after several times of washing.


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