Where to buy malachite green crystal? What should be care when buying?

Malachite green crystal is playing an important role in the coloration of textile, wood, paper and water treatment. Then where to buy malachite green crystal? Here we’d like to introduce Cangzhou Xincheng Weiye Chemical Company, which has established for over 25 years and export malachite green crystal from 2008.

1.The method of purchasing malachite green crystal:

Particular attention should be paid to the composition, solubility, color fastness and dye uptake of malachite green crystal when purchasing it for color matching. Because the dyeing function of all kinds of basic dyes is different, the dyeing effect is often affected by temperature, solubility, dye uptake and other factors. Therefore, it is necessary to select the malachite green dye which meets the function mentioned before, and the better the match is, which will greatly contribute to the stability of dyeing quality.

We should not only consider from the perspective of color matching, but more importantly, we should consider the cost and supply of malachite green crystal and the additives used. If the price of auxiliaries is high, we should try to consider other basic dyes with the same effect as possible to replace them, so as to reduce the production cost.


2. Notices for the use of alkaline green:

It is important to choose the basic three primary colors. We should fully consider their solubility, directness, diffusivity and compatibility, sensibility, fixing action and washability under normal fluctuation of dyeing conditions, so as to ensure that the balance between the dye’s directness and diffusivity can be quickly achieved, and the dye’s directness, diffusivity, fixing behavior and washability can be reasonably balanced. 。

When dyeing light to medium color, especially light color. Because azo red dyes and azo blue dyes have poor sunshine fastness, they can not meet the market demand and need careful selection. As for the use of sunshine fastness enhancers, experiments are needed. Generally speaking, the effect of using ultraviolet absorbers to improve the sunshine fastness of reactive dyes is not obvious.

The wet rubbing fastness of many varieties is poor when dyeing deep and strong colors, which can not meet the market requirements and needs careful use. The key to improve the wet rubbing fastness of reactive dyes lies in the basic dyeability of cotton material, that is, cotton fibers have surface structure, surface texture, smoothness and roughness, which are directly related to the quality of raw cotton and cotton yarn and the pretreatment of cotton fibers.

These problems are also the key points in the research and development of malachite green crystal.

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Post time: Jun-25-2019