What should be attention when dyeing with sulphur black?【25 Years Sulphur Black Manufacturer】

As the name implies, sulfur black is a kind of black phosphorus flake solid, which is mainly used in cotton textile dyeing. Next, let’s take a look at the precautions for sulfur black.

① The amount of sulfur black dye should be limited, and the amount of mercerizing special color dye should not exceed 700g / bag. Because of the high amount of dye, the chance of embrittlement is big, and the dyeing fastness is reduced, so it is difficult to wash with water.

② After dyeing with sulphur black, it should be fully washed to prevent unclean washing, and the floating color on the yarn is easy to decompose into sulfuric acid during storage, so as to make the fiber brittle.


③ After dyeing, it is necessary to use urea, soda ash, sodium acetate, etc. to prevent embrittlement.

④ Before dyeing, the yarn is boiled with water, and the embrittlement degree of the dyed yarn is better than that of the alkali solution.

⑤ After dyeing, the yarn should be dried in time. Because the wet yarn is easy to heat during stacking, the content of embrittlement inhibitor and the pH value of the yarn will be reduced, which is not good for embrittlement prevention. After drying, the yarn should be cooled naturally to reduce the temperature of the yarn to room temperature before packing. As the heat is not easy to be dissipated without cooling and packing immediately after drying, it will increase the energy of acid generation and decomposition of dyes, and increase the possibility of fiber embrittlement.

⑥ Anti embrittlement sulfur black dye is selected. Formaldehyde and chloroacetic acid have been added to this kind of dye in the process of manufacture. The sulfur atom which is easy to oxidize becomes a stable structure state, thus preventing the oxidation of sulfur atom to produce acid and making the fiber brittle.

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