What is sulfur black? What is the strength?

Sulfur black is a black phosphorus flake solid, which is mainly used for dyeing cotton suck as jeans.

English Name: sulfur black

Sulfur black BR 200% 501

Sulfur black  BR 200% 588 (522)

Sulfur black  BR 240% 501

Sulfur black BR 240% 588 (522)

Sulfur black  B 200% 521

(C.I. Black Sulfide 1)



Appearance: Black phosphorus flake solid

Shade (similar with standard): approximate to minimal

Moisture: <6.0%

The insoluble content in sodium sulfide: <0.7%

Free sulfur content: <0.5%

Usage: Mainly used for dyeing cotton.

Packaging: 25 kg barrel, woven bag, carton, etc.

Since 1995, our factory Xincheng Weiye is devoted to producing and developing more advanced process of sulphur black br grains and liquid. With the technology development and textile dyes requirement increases in the market, now our sulphur black br 100%-240% qualities are all available. Especially our sulphur black br liquid is very suitable for paper-making industry, which almost no sulfur, the technology is the leader in the same field.

Post time: Apr-01-2019