What is solvent dyes? What is the application of solvent dyes?

The common property of solvent dyes is that they have good solubility in many thermoplastic plastics during processing. They form a stable molecular solution in the processed plastic solution, and they have excellent color strength in opaque dyeing compatible with white and colored pigments, which can easily produce highly saturated opaque tones. Therefore, solvent dyes are an ideal colorant for various plastics. They have the advantages of strong coloring power, good heat resistance, high sunshine resistance, acid and alkali resistance and bright color.

At present, it is widely used in the coloring of daily plastics, engineering plastics, yarn tube materials, oil color separation, paint ink, color masterbatch and other materials. Some varieties are suitable for chemical fibers, polyester, nylon, acetic acid fibers and other pre-spinning coloring.


Scope of application:

Solvent red dyes can be used not only in monochrome color, but also in various tones according to a certain proportion.

(1) Selective transparent and opaque coloring for high-strength plastics, including:


PS Polystyrene HIPS Impact-resistant polystyrene
SAN Styrene/acrylonitrile copolymer AS Acrylonitrile/styrene copolymer
ABS Modified polystyrene PMMA Polymethyl methacrylate
PC Polycarbonate CA Acetyl cellulose
RPVC Rigid polyvinyl chloride PE Polyethylene
PP Polypropylene PA Nylon
PET Nylon polyethylene terephthalate    


(2) Cultural and educational supplies

Inkjet printing, gravure ink, anti-counterfeiting label, oil, cosmetics, etc.

(3) Surface Coating (Metal Complex Dyes)

Wood, surface brightener and foil printing are especially suitable for surface spraying of metallic aluminium foil coated with silver powder, which can form brilliant tones.


Application of solvent dyes:

When the above dyes are dissolved in the melt of plastics, they show a certain molecular distribution. When coloring various plastics, a certain proportion of dyes can be directly added to the plastics to mix evenly and then be pre-moulded or moulded. The tone concentration can be adjusted according to the requirement. In transparent and clean resin, dyes can obtain bright transparent tones. If they are used with appropriate amount of titanium dioxide and pigments, translucent or opaque tones can be obtained. The dosage can be set according to the need. The general dosage of transparent tone is 0.02-0.05%, and the normal dosage of opaque tone is about 0.05-0.1%.

Since 1995, Xincheng Weiye is aimed at producing and developing various solvent dyes including solvent red dyes, solvent yellow dyes, solvent black dyes, solvent green dyes and so on. Our purpose is to provide crude quality solvent dyes with excellent properties.

Post time: Apr-01-2019