What is metanil yellow dye? It’s acid yellow 36?

Acid yellow 36, also known as “acid golden yellow”, is another name for soap yellow. It is widely used in Detergent, paper, leather and other industries, and also plays a great role. Therefore, people in this industry know more about it. Today we will learn about the related function of Acid yellow 36 dye, and pay attention to the occurrence of hazards in use. See the following content analysis.

The appearance of Acid yellow 36 is yellow powder, melting point: 180 ℃, soluble in water and become orange yellow, red and precipitated when hydrochloric acid is added, and the color of sodium hydroxide solution is the same, but precipitated when excessive. Soluble in ethanol, ether, benzene and glycol ether, slightly soluble in acetone. It is purple in concentrated sulfuric acid, red precipitate after dilution, blue in concentrated nitric acid and orange gradually. When dyeing, the color of copper ion is dark green; when dyeing, the color of iron ion is light; when dyeing, the color of chromium ion is slightly changed.


Acid yellow 36 dye is widely used in various production and processing. The experiment shows that the fly ash can absorb the acid golden yellow in the acid golden yellow dye wastewater, so the Acid yellow 36 in the wastewater can be removed by this way. It also reduces the influence of the dye on human health and living environment. However, the treatment of industrial dye wastewater is a difficult problem, so the technology of treating organic wastewater in industrial fuel wastewater needs to be improved.

Acid yellow 36 also plays an important role in the coloring of soap, cosmetics and other articles. However, because these aspects are directly in contact with human body, it is completely used in accordance with the specified range in the amount of use and will not cause harm to human health.

However, if inferior quality products are used, it may be harmful to human body due to the excessive content of Acid yellow 36. Chemical raw materials can be used in many environments, so care must be taken when contacting to prevent the health impact due to excessive Acid yellow dyes,.

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