What is malachite green dye? What is green dye application?

Among many chemical raw materials, malachite green dye is a kind of cation dye which is widely used. Because it is safe, non-toxic and not easy to change color in high temperature environment, it is welcomed and favored by various industries. In order to deepen your understanding of basic malachite green products, this article introduces the dyeing fastness, basic chemical properties, application and production process of malachite green dye one by one.

◆ Malachite green dye color fastness:
Dyeing fastness is one of the important quality indexes to evaluate the finished products, which has special requirements in the evaluation of dyeing fastness. Dyeing fastness is the ability of the dye to maintain its original color state under the influence of various external factors in the use or subsequent processing of the dyed fabric. Because of the different dyeing concentration, the measured fastness will be different. Therefore, to evaluate the dyeing fastness of the dyes, the textiles should be dyed to the specified color concentration before comparison.


◆ Chemical properties of malachite green dye
Green with flash crystal. Soluble in water, very soluble in ethanol and become blue-green. The dye is yellow in concentrated sulfuric acid and turns dark orange after dilution; orange in concentrated nitric acid and orange brown after dilution; sodium hydroxide is added to its aqueous solution to produce white precipitate with green light. When dyed at high temperature (120 ℃), the color light does not change. Dyeing fastness on acrylic fiber is 4-5 grade.

◆ Malachite green dye purpose:
Malachite green dye is used to dye acrylic fiber, silk, wool, diacetate fiber and cotton fiber. Acrylic fiber and diacetate fiber have better fastness to light, other items of fastness (soaping, perspiration, etc.) are also better, but the fastness to wool, silk and cotton fiber is slightly worse. It can also dye leather, paper, hemp, bamboo and wood, and make lake. When dyed with basic fuchsin, it can get black color and improve the fastness. It is also a foreign standard dye used to determine the saturation value of acrylic fiber and the saturation factor of cationic dye.


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