What is ink powder dyes? Where to buy?

Dye inks generally refer to water-soluble inks, but in fact, solvent-based inks made of alcohol-soluble / oil-soluble dyes are also available. Pigment inks are insoluble in water, so they need to be ultra-finely dispersed before they can be used. The inks produced with pigments have a narrower color gamut and darker colors, but black does have sharp text, no burrs, and waterproof and fast.

Dye ink is made of dye / solvent (mainly water) and various additives, such as: hygroscopic agent, surfactant, dispersant, antioxidant, anti-corrosive agent, acid-base stabilizer, light stabilizer, etc.The color is bright and pleasing to the eye. Commonly used: magenta, pure blue, yellow, black and other colors. In order to enhance the performance of transition colors and grayscale tones, lighter pink / light blue / medium gray / light gray and other colors have been added to make the color of prints good.


The requirements for water-soluble dye inks are:

(1) Good water solubility;
(2) Strong tinting strength;
(3) Clear and pure color;
(4) Stable and deteriorating aqueous solution;
(5)Firm and weather-resistant color.

The dyes used to make water-soluble inkjet are mainly acid dyes and direct dyes.

The characteristics of acid dyes are bright colors such as ink blue G, acid red 87, acid Nigrosine black. But the shortcomings are poor light fastness, high color migration, and easy bleeding. Low-cost inkjet mostly uses acid dyes as colorants. Direct dyes have a relatively large molecular weight, low mobility, high light fastness, and no halo bleeding. Prints have a higher definition and have a storage time more than ten times longer than acid dyes. Inkjet costs using direct dyes as colorants are much higher than acid dyes. All high-end inkjets on the market use direct dyes as colorants.

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