What is black paper dye? Where to buy good quality black paper dye?

Each dye has its advantages and disadvantages. Water-soluble direct dyes have been widely used in papermaking industry. Pigments are often used in colored coated paper. Dyes and paper fibers are bonded by covalent bonds, ionic bonds, coordination bonds, hydrogen bonds and intermolecular forces. Their dyeing fastness mainly depends on the strength of the bonding force, which kind of bonding is the main one, depending on the structure of dye molecules.In addition, acid dyes and sulphur black dyes can also used for paper making.

In the daily life, black color paper has wide applications like black cardboard, Kraft paper, black package and so on. Here we want to introduce one kind of special black paper dye, which is very suitable for dyeing black color. Our black paper dye is a kind of black liquid dyes, and it can dissolve in water directly, no need other chemical auxiliary to help it to dissolve. The black paper dye has advantages of high blackness, strong dyeing power and stable quality.


In the dyeing process of papermaking, the object of dyeing is paper fibers. The mechanism of action between dyes and different pulps is different. For example, basic dyes have great affinity for lignin and are suitable for pulps with high lignin content. The negative ions of our black paper dye are hardly adsorbed on the pulp surface with strong negative electricity. With the decrease of real surface charge, the dyes are fixed close to the fiber surface. This adsorption is caused by non-electrostatic force. Aluminum and vanadium are common dye retention agents in papermaking. Most of the paper dyes are anionic. Cationic aluminium compounds can form cationic precipitation with anionic dyes and adsorb on the surface of fibers. This mechanism occurs at pH 4.0-5.2, when the charge density of aluminium ions is high and the charge action is strong.


Knowing more technology about paper dyes dyeing principle can help you to choose suitable paper pulp dyes and auxiliary to get better dyeing effect. If you are looking for black color paper dye, please don’t hesitate to contact with us. Our black paper dye has quality of 100% strength, which is at the forefront of this field.

Post time: Jul-02-2019