What is Basic Rhodamine B? How to make basic rhodamine B color better?

In the field of printing and dyeing, the use of basic rhodamine B is very common. Compared with ordinary dyes, the advantage of basic rhodamine B lies in its strong coloring power, but in the process of practical application, there are also problems of uneven dyeing. In order to ensure the smooth progress of printing and dyeing work and avoid unnecessary production costs, XCWY give some suggestions.


What are the causes of uneven coloring of basic rhodamine B ?

Generally speaking, there are many reasons for uneven dyeing of basic rhodamine B. If we mix the ingredients unevenly, it will cause uneven dyeing. The speed and quantity of basic rhodamine B adding dye promoter in seasoning are different, which will also lead to the appearance of color difference, so we should strictly follow the procedures when preparing, do not think that everything will be OK after dyeing; if the follow-up processing is not well done and the floating color removal is not sufficient, the dyeing will be uneven.

How to make basic rhodamine B color better?

Because the cellulose fiber in neutral or weak alkaline dye bath will have external potential by the way, which can generate specific mutual charge repulsion with basic dyes anion. After participating in salt electrolyte solution, a large number of positively charged sodium ions are connected with dye anion, which adheres to charge neutral, greatly reduces the difficulty in dyeing process, and can promote the fiber surface and dye molecule tight. However, the dyeing process of basic dyes can be gradually divided into three periods: adsorption, dispersion and fixation. During the adsorption period, it is not suitable to color too fast. If the basic rhodamine B participates in the electrolyte during the adsorption period, it may lead to dye aggregation and uneven dyeing, Electrolyte in the middle of the process can not only prevent the above situation, but also improve the printing and dyeing rate.


Overview of basic rhodamine B
Property: Known as base violet 10. Also known as Rhodamine. Its appearance is shinning green fluffy powder. Easy to dissolve in water into rose red solution, bright and beautiful, with fluorescence when diluted. It is mainly used for coloring paper and cosmetics, and also for making lakes and dyeing silk.
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