What is advantage of liquid sulphur black? What is its usage?

 The absorption rate of liquid sulphur black is higher than that of powder, and the sewage has no precipitation impurities, which greatly reduces the cost of sewage treatment and is more environmentally friendly. A large number of data show that the dry-wet rubbing fastness of liquid sulphur black is 0.5 grade higher than that of powder. The liquid sulphur black has been fully oxidized in the production process, and will not be oxidized in the transportation/storage process.  The impurities of liquid sulphur black are almost zero. Its stability is stronger than that of powder, and the probability of dyeing fabrics is low.


Application scope

1.Liquid sulphur black dyes are mainly used for dyeing cotton fabrics including cotton yarn, cotton cloth, corduroy and cotton blended fabrics.

2.Used for dyeing heavy fabrics, jeans, work clothes, washing style clothing, etc. with superior dyeing performance.

3.Can be used for leather dyeing, also can be used for pulp dyeing.


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