Sulphur Black Resume Normal Production, Price Increased?

Sulphur black br CI sulphur black 1 is a kind of shinning black granular, CAS 1326-82-5. With advantage of low cost, good dyeing effect and high fastness, sulphur black dyes are widely used for cotton, denim, paper and leather.

Due to coronavirus effect, our factory delayed production resumption for two weeks. After nearly two months holiday, there is much old and new orders waiting on production line. Once start production this week, our factory enter busy statas. With existing raw material stock running out, we purchase new raw material with new increased price. It directly lead to sulphur black br cost also increased.

Not only the raw material cost, the ship route also cut half than before the holiday due to the virus. However, port has accumulated a lot of goods. Sometimes we can’t book the earliest shipment date even with higher freight.

With market stock running out, more and more new order will come. We predict sulphur black will keep rising trend. Check stock and Grasp the purchasing opportunity is very important. 


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Post time: Mar-06-2020