Relevant Components of Environmental-friendly Sulphur Black Liquid Dyes

The environmentally friendly Sulphur Black Liquid dye is one of the substitutes for banned dyes, especially black. Commonly used sulfur dyes are not allergic dyes, carcinogenic dyes and acute toxic dyes. They do not contain heavy metals and adsorbable organic halides. They use less salt and consume much less water and energy than reactive dyes.

However, sodium sulfide and alkali should be added to reduce Sulphur Black dyes when dyeing. The waste water contains 15%-20% sulfide and the hydrogen sulfide odor produced in the manufacture and application of sulfur dyes has brought serious environmental and ecological pollution problems.


Sulphur Black Liquid Dyestuff is a 20% pre-reduced sulfur dye solution made by replacing sodium sulfide and alkali with environmentally and ecologically harmless glucose and alkali as reducing agent. The sulfur content is 0.7%-4.0%, and there is almost no hydrogen sulfide odor. Because the new Sulphur Black Liquid greatly reduce the sulfide content in wastewater, consume less water, and wastewater treatment method is simple, and use hydrogen peroxide, bromate or persulfate as oxidant when oxidizing, the oxidized wastewater is also easy to treat.

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Post time: Jun-15-2019